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General questions

Who is eligible to become a UhaulCarShare® member?

Applicants 18 years of age and older:

  • Have a valid and current Driver's License 
  • Must be able to upload a current picture of your driver's license and photo of yourself
  • Have a valid credit card payment
  • I have zero alcohol or drug related violations within the past 5 years.


What types of cars do you have?

We have several types of vehicles available in various markets. Click on your city from our homepage to view the available vehicles in your market. Here is a list of the types of vehicles we offer: Ford Focus, Toyota Prius, Ford F-150, Ford Cargo Van, Mazda 3, Toyota Yaris, Ford C-MAX Hybrid, MINI Cooper, Ford Escape Hybrid, Dodge Dart.

Where do you have UhaulCarShare®?

All of our current UhaulCarShare locations can be found under 'Partner With Us'. Our list is growing, so keep checking in!

Do I have to pick up and return in the same location?

Yes, it is necessary to pick up and return to the same location. These cars are shared by multiple members and there may be a member waiting for your return. There are no one way reservations with UhaulCarShare.

What's included with the reservation rate?

Gas and insurance are included in our vehicle rates. Miles are also included in our capped rates and can vary by vehicle. Members are required to use the gas card provided to fill up the vehicles when they reach below a quarter tank. Each member is covered under our insurance policy and damage waiver.

What happens if I return a car late?

Because you are sharing the UhaulCarShare Vehicle with other members, it is very important that you adhere to your scheduled reservation times. There may be other members waiting for you upon return. You may be assessed the following fees as follows if you are late in returning the UhaulCarShare Vehicle:


  • If you DO NOT call us before your reservation expires: $50 fee and any hourly or partial hourly charges incurred.
  • If you DO call us before your reservation expires: If no members are waiting, we will extend your reservation and you are responsible for any hourly or partial hourly charges incurred beyond a 15 minute grace period.
  • If a member is waiting, we will give you a 5 minute grace period. Beyond that, you are responsible for a $50 fine, any hourly or partial hourly charges incurred and any charges we incur taking care of the waiting member (taxi, bus...etc.).

    Can I smoke in the car?

    Smoking is not permitted in a UhaulCarShare vehicle at all. These cars are shared by many members and must be returned ready to use for the next member. Any smoke cleaning necessary will be charged to the member.

    Can I take pets in the car?

    Yes, pets are allowed in UhaulCarShare vehicles as long as they are kept in a pet carrier or crate at all times. Remember, the member is responsible for cleaning up the mess and returning the car ready to rent for the next member.

    What if I get a ticket or parking violation?

    Simply pay it. You are responsible for all tickets. Any unpaid tickets that come back to us will be charged to the member of which it belongs. There are penalties involved for unpaid tickets, so be courteous and pay them just as you would with your own car.

    Can my spouse or family member join my account?

    Yes, family members can join your account. They must go through the same application process.

    Can I sign up my business or corporation for an account?

    Yes, as long as you have a shared credit card. Once the first person signs up, they can add drivers to their account and share the same credit card for reservations.

    Will there be a car available when I want one?

    The joy of car sharing is that you get to see when every vehicle is available or not. We try to provide as many convenient locations as possible so that if your favorite car is not available, there will most likely be one available nearby.

    If I'm a member in one city, can I use UhaulCarShare in another city?

    Yes, your UhaulCarShare membership is valid nationwide. So, if your home city is Portland and you take a trip to Madison, you can share wherever you are at your convenience.

    Do UhaulCarShare vehicles have hitches or can I install a hitch on it?

    Currently we offer no vehicles with a hitch and they cannot be installed. If you require this service, please visit your closest U-Haul location. 

    Do UhaulCarShare vehicles have EZ-passes for toll booths?

    Yes, at this time the only City and State that we offer this service is in Portland, ME. We offer this as an additional service, so therefore, if you would like to use the EZ Pass, the toll amount will be charged to your UhaulCarShare account.

    Application questions

    How long does it take to become a member?

    Within minutes.  Once we collect basic information and get a picture of your driver's license, and a photo of yourself you can can drive away within minutes!

    Do you have to apply online?

    Yes. All applicants must read through and agree to the terms and conditions and member handbook in order to apply to UhaulCarShare.

    How old do you have to be to join UhaulCarShare?

    At least 18. There are restrictions for applicants 18-21 years of age.

    Can I join with a Canadian driver's license?

    We welcome members with licenses from Canada. Just follow the same procedure by uploading a picture of your driver's license, a photo of yourself and you are ready to drive!

    What if my license is not from the U.S. or Canada?

    We welcome members with licenses from all around the world. We understand that some of our applicants will have international or foreign licenses. Just follow the same procedure by filling out your information, uploading a picture of your driver's license, a photo of your self and a valid form of payment and you are ready to drive!

    Students: If you are a student at one of our partner universities, we may ask for an additional ID such as your Student ID card.

    Usage questions

    Can I reserve by the hour or by the day?

    Both. Members can book cars as they feel fit by hour or day. We do limit reservations to 3 days online and you are allotted 180 miles per day. If you need a reservation longer than 3 days, it will require permission from us over the phone.

    Can someone who is not a member drive the vehicle?

    No. Allowing a non-member to drive is a breach of contract and results in member termination as well as other costs if an accident occurs. Non-members are not covered by our insurance if they drive the UhaulCarShare vehicle.

    Can a UhaulCarShare member drive during another UhaulCarShare member's reservation?

    Yes, it is allowed that a UhaulCarShare member drive during another UhaulCarShare member's reservation provided the reserving member is there. All UhaulCarShare members are afforded a collision damage waiver and state minimum liability coverage. Only members are allowed to drive.

    How do I get the keys?

    The keys are tethered to the vehicle and should remain in the vehicle at all times. To get into the vehicle, enter your 7-digit Access Code and press the [Enter] button on the orange keypad. The doors will unlock and the key will be there for you. The only exception is the Toyota Prius, it has a push button start.

    Are the cars automatic or standard transmission?

    All of our vehicles are automatic transmission.

    How do I cancel my reservation?

    Call us or log in to your account online to cancel. Cancel early though because late cancellations are subject to a fee.

    Who pays for tolls or parking infractions?

    It is the member's responsibility to pay for tolls. Any tolls or fees incurred that are not paid by the member will be charged to the member along with administration fees.

    How does the gas work?

    There is a gas card included in every vehicle and each member is given their own Gas Card Driver ID to use. When the tank reaches below a quarter tank, the member is responsible for using the card to fill the tank back to full. Your Driver ID is located on your reservation confirmation page or on your membership page under the My Profile section.

    How many miles are included?

    This depends on your vehicle and how far you travel. You pay by the mile to start and when the capped rate is met, you get 180 miles free per day. The allotted miles are not cumulative, so if you have a multiple day reservation you only get 180 miles free each day and anything above 180 miles that day is .40/mile.

    Does the car come with baby seats?

    No, the car does not come with baby seats. As a member, you are responsible for providing the necessary seat requirements for children and babies.

    Does the car come with a roof rack?

    No, the cars do not come with a roof rack. Many of our vehicles have fold down seats to provide plenty of space necessary for hauling needs. 

    Can I take my UhaulCarShare vehicle out of the country?

    No, you cannot take our vehicles outside of the country under any circumstances. We are currently looking for an efficient process to allow our cars to travel into Canada, but we do not offer that service now.

    How do I use the gas card?

    Go to one of our accepting gas stations, swipe the gas card, enter your Driver ID (6 digit gas code), enter the Odometer (which is the miles on the car), fuel up and be on your way! Remember that when asked to enter your Driver ID, this is not asking you to enter your driver's license number, simply enter your 6 digit gas code.

    Where can I find my gas code?

    Log into your account, click Manage My Info on the left hand side of the screen, and the next page will display your 6 digit gas code. You can also find your gas code on your reservation confirmation email. 

    What if my gas code doesn't work?

    First, check to see if you are entering the correct gas code as your Driver ID (and not the odometer). If you are using the correct gas code and it's still not working, please put no more than $15.00 of fuel into the vehicle using your own debit/credit card, then send us a receipt to and we will reimburse you right away! We will look into the issue with your gas code once we receive your gas receipt. 

    What if my trip requires more than $15.00 of fuel?

    Please feel free to put as much gas that you need in order to complete your trip. We will still reimburse you. 

    Photo Approval Questions

    How do I upload my photo?

    Simply log into your account one hour before your reservation starts. You will be provided with a link at the top of your page that will allow you to upload your photo, simply click on that link and upload your photo on the next page! 

    Why can't I upload my photo?

    Chances are, you are trying to upload your photo too early. Our web site will only allow you to upload your photo one hour before your reservation begins. So, if your reservation starts at 8AM, log in between 7 and 8AM to upload your photo! Any time before 7AM, you will not be able to upload your photo. 

    Do I have to submit a new photo for each reservation?

    Yes, we will need a new photo for each reservation that you make. The photo that you submit of yourself must be one that is taken within the hour before your reservation starts. We do not accept photos that were taken more than one hour ago or more than one day ago, the photo must be current and real-time. So just snap a photo and send it over! 

    Billing and fees

    How do I pay for UhaulCarShare?

    Any charges and fees are charged to the credit card provided on your UhaulCarShare account. If you have multiple cards on file, you choose the card on you want to be charged when you make your reservation.

    How are charges billed?

    Your charges will be billed to your credit card upon completion of the reservation. If your card is declined, you will receive an email and will not be able to reserve again until the amount is paid in full.

    What are the rates?

    Rates start at $4.95/hour and .49 per mile. We cap our rates starting at $8.50 in case you need to drive more miles. Our daily rates start at $62/day with 180 miles included.

    What other fees are involved?

    All fees are outlined in the Member Handbook. 

    How does the insurance and damage waiver work?

    As required by law, state minimum financial responsibility is included with every reservation. You are responsible for the first $500 worth of damage done to a UhaulCarShare vehicle in the event of an accident. Every UhaulCarShare member is afforded a collision damage waiver as part of a valid membership.